Discover our
research cases.

Our insights into how target groups really feel, think, and behave have already helped many of our clients solve marketing, management, or community issues.

Take a look at some recent cases to discover how we could do the same for you.

Case 1

Can we nudge innovation? Insights from the banking sector.

We helped our client understanding the reasons behind low adoption rate of its banking app, and developed strategies to improve the usage rate based on behavioral insights.

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Case 2

Why do some Belgians refuse to get vaccinated?

Sapience in collaboration with the VUB assessed people's attitude towards Covid-19 vaccines in a research that is meant to support the Governments’ effort to proceed with their vaccination plans.

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Case 3

Using lights and colors to influence emotions: The Luminal Lab

Sapience collaborates with the Brussels Arts Platform (VUB / RITCS) on an innovative project that combines light arts and science to reveal how lights and colors influence human perception and emotions.

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Case 4

How can we use neuromarketing to improve top-managers public speaking?

In collaboration with H2O, Sapience used innovative emotion sensors to measure audience engagement during an online speech. The goal? Empowering top managers' public speaking and communication.

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