research tools.

Understanding where people are looking, how long they are looking at something and what behaviors they show after they look at something is crucial information if you want to understand and improve customer experience.

We use a portable eye-tracking device that not only tracks eye movements, but also films what the customers are doing in first-person perspective.

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Online neuro-tests to map
the mind of consumers.

Measuring how concepts are related to each other in the mind of the consumers is crucial to gain insights about the awareness and the image of brands, and how brands relate to other elements of the marketing mix such as the price of products.

The neuro-test can be run on any laptop, tablet or smartphone, and can be done online or in more controlled lab conditions. The responses are collected under time-pressure, thus avoiding strategic and socially desirable answering.

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Smart sensors to measure
audience emotions
and engagement.

By measuring the engagement and the emotions of your customers, it is possible to obtain an understanding of your audience and learn what actions are needed to improve its engagement.

We use a device that measures objective physiological parameters of the emotional experience in a completely unobtrusive way. The device is connected to an app via Bluetooth.

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