How can we use neuromarketing to improve top-managers public speaking? - kopie


​Delivering a high-level and impactful presentation in front of an audience requires specific skills and appropriate training.

Our clients are C-level managers working internationally in the financial sector: for them, effective public-speaking is key to strengthen their position, and to promote and grow their business.

How did we use neuroscience to improve their public-speaking?

Innovative neuroscientific tools were employed to assess the implicit reactions of the audience during their presentations.

Remote neuroscience uses the webcam to capture the real-time and implicit reactions of the audience by analysing their eye-movements, their heart-rate, and their facial expressions during a presentation.

In this project, we recorded the audience
to unveil objective insights into their level of attention and emotional engagement during the presentations of the managers.

Our analysis revealed the real strengths and weaknesses of the presentations and provided punctual, concrete, and actionable insights for pushing the communication skills of the managers to the next level.

Luminal Lab 2

The LUMINAL LAB consists of an immersive light installation and a neuroscientific set-up that records the brain and body signals of the spectators in real time.

In 2021 a first edition of the project took place in Theater aan Zee in Ostend.

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