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Our tailor-made approach is based on three pillars: behavioral and neuroscientific research, consultancy, and in-house training. Discover below how we help companies, organizations, and governments to improve their decision-making process.

Innovative and flexible
research tools.

Understanding human behavior cannot be based only on traditional surveys and interviews, because there can be a huge gap between what people say and how they behave.

For each specific marketing, management, or community issue, Sapience implements the most appropriate methodology to capture what people really think an feel in order to provide unbiased and authentic behavioral insights.

Our innovative research tools range from wearables and digital apps to the use of AI and complex statistical analyses. Some examples:

  • neuroscientific research tools such as eye-tracking, emotion sensors, and brain imaging;
  • online applications such as implicit surveys and webcam-based research tools;
  • data mining solutions such as clustering and segmentation, factor analysis, and machine learning.

We want to use all the information we can get. Our tailor-made research approach starts by attuning to the information you need, and then finding the right tools to capture and understand the underlying emotions, feelings and thoughts.

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Consultancy on human decision-making

Our combination of academic research experience and business expertise helps us formulate strategic, evidence-based recommendations. If you want to go deeper, our research services help find and unlock even the most hidden potential.

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In-company training

We provide in-company training on topics such as neuromarketing, behavioral design, nudge, gamification, and consumer behavior, to help grow awareness around how human decision-making works.

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