How can we use neuromarketing to improve top-managers public speaking?

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​Delivering a world-class and impactful speech, either live or online, requires the ability to engage the targeted audience.

But how can you be sure if people are actually paying attention and understand your message? And how do you know if the audience is really engaged during your speech?

Our client is a bank that operates internationally in the financial sector, and its top-level managers are often required to speak in front of different target audiences. For these professionals, being able to deliver a convincing and effective speech, talk, or presentation, is crucial for strengthening their position and for promoting and growing their business.

Sapience used innovative webcam-based sensors to capture the reaction of the audience in real-time, while top-managers delivered a speech.

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Tracking the audience' eye-movements and analyzing their face expressions revealed whether people were paying attention to the speech, if they were emotionally engaged (e.g. whether they were interested, happy, frustrated, or bored), as well as their level of understanding of the speech.

This neuroscientific analysis of the audience unveiled the strengths and weaknesses of the speech, and provided us key neuroscientific insights to upgrade the public-speaking of the top-managers and pushing their communication skills to the next level.

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