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15.12.2022 - by Davide Rigoni

The promise & pitfalls of observational research methods

At Sapience, we believe in going beyond self-reported data and adopting observational research methods where possible. In this article, we provide an overview of the promise and pitfalls of observations research methods. In addition, we discuss innovative tech examples like , Sightcorp by Raydiant and Neurons that take observational research methods to the next level.

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08.12.2022 - by Timothy Desmet

Are Mystery Visits Still Useful in the Digital Era?

Did you know mystery visits have been around since the 1940s?

Needless to say, the context has changed a lot. In this article, we present our view on how to approach mystery visits in the digital era and provide more info on so-called expert mystery visits. We believe mystery visits, approached in a contemporary way, can provide great insights, both in consumer and HR settings.

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08.12.2022 - by Timothy Desmet

Want to nudge? Go EAST!

EAST is one of our favorite frameworks when it comes to nudging. It stands for:
> Easy
> Attractive
> Social
> Timely

In this article, we explain EAST in a bit more detail and propose it as a framework to determine in advance whether a nudge intervention is likely to work or not.

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08.12.2022 - by Davide Rigoni

Making your nudge work: 3 checks to change human behavior effectively

Recently, there is more and more debate on whether and when nudging actually works. At Sapience, we welcome this debate. Even more, our co-founder Davide Rigoni distilled 3 checks to increase the effectiveness of your nudge intervention.

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08.12.2022 - by Timothy Desmet

Pricing: art or science?

Check out our new article where Timothy Desmet debunks 3 pricing myths:
❔Myth 1: My customers know the price of my product
❔Myth 2: Quality drives prices
❔Myth 3: Price is determined by the product feature

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21.12.2021 - by Davide Rigoni

Sapience reveals the reasons of vaccination hesitancy in the Belgian population

We assessed people's attitude towards Covid-19 vaccines in a research that is meant to support the Governments’ effort to proceed with their vaccination plans.

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